Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How it works (simple)

Brain can talk to body = Healthy
Brain CANT talk to body= unhealthy
Chiro's ensure Brain talks to Body = Healthy

The Greater Mission

With the failing health care system (sick care system) we have a greater mission.  Our MISSION is to get everyone in the world to get their spines checked for Vertebral Subluxation!! This is the solution to the Healthcare crisis.  This fact is fought at the highest levels.  Modern medicine has no interest in making you healthy or fixing your problems. Why? There is no money in it. There is only money in TREATMENT of prolbems but not solving them.  If you get well you don't buy drugs. PERIOD!!  Help us with our mission to change the world one spine at a time!

Does it Make sense?

If you put your hand on a flame would it make sense to keep your hand on the flame to burn and instead of removing the hand from the flame you decide to take pain killers so it doesn't hurt so bad?
Does it make sense if you go to a dentist for a severe toothache and he would just rub your gum with numbing medicine and not fix the cavity?
Noooooo!! So why do most people behave that way and think that is acceptable treatment from their medical doctor?
Chiropractors look for the CAUSE of your problems and CORRECT them ie.. taking your hand off the flame and fixing the cavity.  Your problems are not due to a deficiency in Tylenol, Motrin, or Codine.  Your problems are most likely the result of untreated spinal damage. Get checked Today!!

Get the IDEA!!!

Do you get it? Get what? The idea of why you need to see a Chiropractor??? Chiropractors are the ONLY Doctor trained to care for the spine. Why do we care about the spine?? The spines core job is to protect the delicate nerves that go from your BRAIN to your BODY allowing it to work properly.  You damage your spine every day of your life and that damage will interfere with the normal transmission of nerve impulses and your body function.  This interference is the CAUSE of most disease and health problems.  Only by getting regular Chiropractic care can you ensure proper spine, nerve, body funtion! Get the idea????