Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kids need Chiropractic

Every parent is concerned with the proper development of their children.  From conception the first part of the child to form is the nervous system. The nervous system is what guides the proper development of the fetus and the child.  Any disruption or interference in the proper nervous system communication and flow will cause a change in development.  The spinal column is a bony structure responsible for protecting the nerves that come from the brain and go out to every part of the body to guide and control development.  The Child's spine is subject to damage starting from inside the womb and is under constant assault once the child is born from the normal every day wear and tear of being lifted and handled.  Slowly the spine becomes damaged and nerves become compromised.  Once compromised the proper development is altered. Your child needs to have their spine checked regularly (every 2 - 3 weeks) to ensure the nerves are free to allow proper development.  Only a Chiropractor is trained to detect and correct these spinal irritations.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Medical Prejudice

This nation has had its share of problems with Racial prejudice and we still have not overcome these issues fully.  There is another type of prejudice that is equally as harmful in our country.
Medical Prejudice against "alternative health providers" in general but more specifically Chiropractors.
There is a great moving coming out by director Jeff Hayes called "Doctored" that tells the story.
Medicine has for too long had a monopoly on healthcare. Medical Doctors for the most part think they are the total end all be all authorities on everything related to the human body.  Because of this they will talk many people out of seeking Chiropractic care.
For the record, medical doctors are NOT and DO NOT know everything. In reality they know very little about how the body actually works.  MD's are trained in anatomy and physiology of the bodies parts and how to manipulate them with drugs and surgery but they know very little about how all the parts work together and they totally ignore the Nervous systems role in controlling it all.
A neurologist will tell you that the body is controlled by the nervous system but wont give any attention to the impact of spinal damage causing nervous system interference.  This is very obvious when we look at the extremely poor outcomes medicine has. Medicine doesn't fix hardly anything for people outside emergency medicine and trauma surgery.  The only thing medicine does well is to diminish symptoms by drugging the body. Diminished symptoms does not equate to being healthier or better, it just means having less symptoms.
Chiropractors understand that only the body can heal and that all of this is controlled by the nervous system. Chiropractors do one thing only! We make sure there is 100% nervous system communication so the body can heal itself.
We need to end the medical prejudice in this country so people will get the care they need.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stop the Insanity

I had a new patient come in with Vertigo (Dizziness) for 20 years. The Medical Doctors have been unable to help her beyond temporary relief. She comes to me and I find many Vertebral subluxations that I believe are responsible for her problem. I see many cases of vertigo every year and help almost all of them. She begins care and consults her Medical Doctor. He tells her to stop Chiropractic care and try some more medical ideas first... WHY IF AFTER 20YRS OF MEDICAL FAILURE SHE WOULD THINK THAT HER MEDICAL DOCTOR WOULD HAVE ANYTHING THAT WOULD ACTUALLY HELP??????
People need to realize that Medicine is extremely limited in its ability to help people. I respect medical doctors and they are good for crisis intervention and repairing things surgically.  However most of what goes on in medicine is nothing more than drugging the patient to cover up the symptom. 
The body heals itself and can do so if and only when the nervous system is communicating freely with the body. 
Chiropractors are the ONLY Doctors trained to find and correct the spinal damages that interfere with the body's ability to heal. DON'T ASK A MEDICAL DOCTOR IF CHIROPRACTOR IS RIGHT FOR YOU!
I have seen too many people suffer  needlessly because they let their doctor talk them out of Chiropractic care. The saddest part is that the medical doctor usually has no understanding of what Chiropractic is or how it works. Medicine wants to control society. They have tried to crush any form of healing that challenges them. Medicine has failed us as a society and people are seeking care that works and that honors the body's own ability to heal.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Normal Childhood illnesses

Ear infections, Reflux, ADHD, Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, Headaches...
The list of "normal" maladies suffered by children for which 10's of Thousands of pediatrician visits are made each year are not...."NORMAL".
The NORMAL functioning human body can fight off infections, doesn't have Reflux, has proper attention span, does not Over react to allergens, has normal clear skin, breathes normally and has no head pain.
So WHY do so many children have there "common" conditions?  The answer is that there is some interference to the child's body's own innate ability to heal and regulate itself.  When the body can no longer adapt to its changing environment, disease and symptoms follow.
The most common cause of this interference is Vertebral Subluxation (bone of the spine misaligned causing nerve irritation). These Subluxations are common and run in families. The good news is that these area very easily and safely corrected by a Doctor of Chiropractic. You cant drug a body back to health. You can suppress symptoms until the body heals itself but true healing only comes from the body's own innate ability to heal.  Get your kids checked ASAP.

Vaccine controversy

Since the first Vaccine Injury Compensation claims were made in 1989, 2,999 compensation payments have been made, $2,334,879,190.38 disbursed to petitioners and $91,522,855.80 paid to cover attorney’s fees and other legal costs.

If Vaccines truly are safe and effective why is 75 cents of every vaccine sale put into this special fund? Why does this fund have its own separate court system to handle these claims? 
What does Safe and Effective even mean? As far as Safety is concerned, being "safe" in medical FDA speak means that the majority of people don't have NOTICEABLE/ IMMEDIATE harmful effects from a drug/vaccine.  If a Minority have Severe reactions that is still considered Safe.  If the Majority have minor or even moderate health problems years later that is still considered safe because its easy to dismiss the causality of effect from the vaccine.  

Effectiveness means that the Vaccines actually protect the individual from a given Virus. Epidemiological studies that show efficacy of Vaccines in the United states do not take into account improvements in hygiene and education that occurred at the same time as well as incidences of the same disease in other parts of the world.  Most Success attributed to Vaccines is actually a result of a huge decrease in transmission of vectors and viruses from improvements in hygiene/ sanitation and education about the transmission of diseases. In most cases diseases decreased at the same rate as other countries where vaccines were not introduced.  The common thread in the decline was improvements in hygiene, sanitation, education and the cyclic nature of diseases. 

The sad reality is that Big money supports the lie that Vaccines are safe and effective. Its every parents choice to vaccinate (its not required to go to school in most states). There is very little potential risk of a child ever being harmed from the diseases they are vaccinated for (most wont even be exposed to the really harmful ones). There is significant GUARANTEED risk if you do vaccinate your child. Get educated!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Good Health

The human body is a brilliant Machine. It needs 100% nervous system control at all times and good nutrition.  Start with good Chiropractic adjustments. Next, drink Nuverus Plus (the best nutritional product on the market). Click on products at

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Rx. for health

Get adjusted, Drink Nuverus Plus and exercise.  Change your health, Change your life!

Nutritional power house

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am not Anti-medicine nor should we be. However lets understand and not be fooled as to what its true role is.  Medicine is for and is great at Crisis care and needed surgical intervention.  However Medicine has no mechanisms to make/ keep you healthy.  Only about 1 in 10 people ever truly understand what real health is and medical doctors are no exception.  Medical Docs make money off of giving drugs and surgery so why would they refer you to a doctor that would keep you from getting sick and almost completely eliminate your need for drugs and surgery? They wouldn't and don't! Educate yourself and get your spine checked today!

Ya for the US! NOT!

The US has slipped from #43 in the world in health to #50.  Our infant mortality rate slid down also. We spend more than any other country yet we SUCK!  Why is this? The answer is because Medicine has no mechanisms to make you healthy! Health is the body's ability to adapt to its ever changing environment.  Chiropractic is the ONLY profession dedicated to that sole function.  The spine's job is to protect the nervous systems ability to coordinate body functions for adaptation.  Vertebral subluxations diminish the body's ability to adapt to its environment thus allowing dis-ease.  Since 97% of the US population DON'T get their spines checked regularly, you can see why we SUCK in health care.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How it works (simple)

Brain can talk to body = Healthy
Brain CANT talk to body= unhealthy
Chiro's ensure Brain talks to Body = Healthy

The Greater Mission

With the failing health care system (sick care system) we have a greater mission.  Our MISSION is to get everyone in the world to get their spines checked for Vertebral Subluxation!! This is the solution to the Healthcare crisis.  This fact is fought at the highest levels.  Modern medicine has no interest in making you healthy or fixing your problems. Why? There is no money in it. There is only money in TREATMENT of prolbems but not solving them.  If you get well you don't buy drugs. PERIOD!!  Help us with our mission to change the world one spine at a time!

Does it Make sense?

If you put your hand on a flame would it make sense to keep your hand on the flame to burn and instead of removing the hand from the flame you decide to take pain killers so it doesn't hurt so bad?
Does it make sense if you go to a dentist for a severe toothache and he would just rub your gum with numbing medicine and not fix the cavity?
Noooooo!! So why do most people behave that way and think that is acceptable treatment from their medical doctor?
Chiropractors look for the CAUSE of your problems and CORRECT them ie.. taking your hand off the flame and fixing the cavity.  Your problems are not due to a deficiency in Tylenol, Motrin, or Codine.  Your problems are most likely the result of untreated spinal damage. Get checked Today!!

Get the IDEA!!!

Do you get it? Get what? The idea of why you need to see a Chiropractor??? Chiropractors are the ONLY Doctor trained to care for the spine. Why do we care about the spine?? The spines core job is to protect the delicate nerves that go from your BRAIN to your BODY allowing it to work properly.  You damage your spine every day of your life and that damage will interfere with the normal transmission of nerve impulses and your body function.  This interference is the CAUSE of most disease and health problems.  Only by getting regular Chiropractic care can you ensure proper spine, nerve, body funtion! Get the idea????