Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pain Relief Forever

If you could have a magic pill that would keep you from experiencing pain for the rest of your life would you take it? If you did you would probably be dead in a matter of months. Pain is a Gift, yes a gift from God that tells us when something is wrong.  However pain usually only shows up when something has gotten really bad. Disease is a painless process that eventually expresses symptoms.  Modern medical approaches focus on symptomatic treatment and not the maintenance of proper body function and disease prevention. Chiropractic seeks to ensure that the power that made the body can heal the body. Only when the nervous system is free from interference can life force flow from above down, inside out and give people the maximum expression of their life. Call my office today to see if you have subluxations.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis given to a person with wide spread pain and muscle soreness and no other cause can be found by a medical doctor.  These people will have tender spots virtually all over their bodies.  This pain is real, however, fibromyalgia is only a symptom of a different problem called Vertebral Subluxations.  Your Nervous system (brain, spinal chord and nerves) controls every dimension and function of the human experience.  When the joints of your spine get damaged and put pressure on nerves that irritates or distorts your Nervous system's ability to control your body.  Muscles are controlled by nerves and if the nerves to muscles are irritated that muscle goes into spasm and stays that way as long as the nerve is damaged.  If you have this going on at multiple areas for many years the muscles become damaged, fibrotic and very painful.  This is Fibromyalgia.  Chiropractic can effectively remove the subluxations that are irritating the nerves causing the muscle spasms.  When these are corrected the muscles will heal and the pain will go away.  If you have fibromyalgia, end the anxiety you have thinking you can't get rid of it and call me today.

Natural Remedies

So many people today are looking for Natural remedies because they know the dangers of taking prescription drugs so they seek an alternative.  The best natural remedy of all is Chiropractic care for Vertebral Subluxation.  Your nervous system is the master system in the body and when two bones of the spine get out of place and put pressure on nerves it causes interference in the nervous system and it can no longer control your body properly as a result your health declines or you get symptoms.  A chiropractor can detect and correct subluxations and eliminate the cause of most people symptoms without "treating" it directly.  Chiropractic is "THE" natural remedy.


People have Anxiety for many reasons.  Love, fear or pain to name a few.  Anxiety is a brain response to some stress.  Constant stress and anxiety cause the body to be in a state of "fight or flight" which increases the body's cortizol production and can cause weigh gain and if unchecked anxiety and stress can even be fatal.  Anxiety management is a key party of my wellness practice.  I have to give people strategies by which they can decrease their anxiety and stress.  When anxiety and stress are properly managed everything in ones life is and seems better.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is an essential part of a wellness practice.  The consequences of being over weight are man and serious.  For a long time I have counseled people in weight loss and as a chiropractor I am an authority on the topic of weight loss and nutrition.  Recently I have become a health coach with Take shape for life (a division of Medi-fast).  Now my patients can start a structured program of weight loss that includes individual coaching by the doctor and a great product line of good tasting nutritionally sound pre-packaged foods so the work is done for you.  Everyone's goal should be to obtain the correct healthy weight for them. To get stated visit my website

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kids and Chiropractic

Smart parents know that Chiropractic care is essential for keeping kids healthy and active.  If you have Child related questions please let me know. Many of the reasons for trips to the pediatrician can be eliminated if a Child is subluxation free.

Can I help?

Many people are unaware of the many things I can help as a Chiropractor. The body can heal almost anything and all I do is get the body working better so it can do its job. If you have a problem and what to know if you think I can help you. Let me know.  Many people are surprised to know that the first Chiropractic adjustment was not for back or neck pain. It was for deafness! Dr. D.D.Palmer restored a man's hearing with the first Chiropractic adjustment in 1895.

Subluxations Kill

Subluxations are caused by damage to your spinal joints and when those joints are damaged they cause nerve pressure that interferes with proper nerve transmission.  Any tissue that has decreased nerve transmission going to it becomes weakened and as a result often becomes diseased and fails.  Left undetected subluxations can result in death not just pain and misery.

Gonstead Chiropractic

Gonstead Chiropractic is a highly specific form of Chiropractic. Gonstead Chiropractors are among the best qualified to deal with acute and severe cases.  There are very few true Gonstead chirpractors so its not uncommon for patients to drive several hours for their care.