Friday, September 14, 2012

Medical Prejudice

This nation has had its share of problems with Racial prejudice and we still have not overcome these issues fully.  There is another type of prejudice that is equally as harmful in our country.
Medical Prejudice against "alternative health providers" in general but more specifically Chiropractors.
There is a great moving coming out by director Jeff Hayes called "Doctored" that tells the story.
Medicine has for too long had a monopoly on healthcare. Medical Doctors for the most part think they are the total end all be all authorities on everything related to the human body.  Because of this they will talk many people out of seeking Chiropractic care.
For the record, medical doctors are NOT and DO NOT know everything. In reality they know very little about how the body actually works.  MD's are trained in anatomy and physiology of the bodies parts and how to manipulate them with drugs and surgery but they know very little about how all the parts work together and they totally ignore the Nervous systems role in controlling it all.
A neurologist will tell you that the body is controlled by the nervous system but wont give any attention to the impact of spinal damage causing nervous system interference.  This is very obvious when we look at the extremely poor outcomes medicine has. Medicine doesn't fix hardly anything for people outside emergency medicine and trauma surgery.  The only thing medicine does well is to diminish symptoms by drugging the body. Diminished symptoms does not equate to being healthier or better, it just means having less symptoms.
Chiropractors understand that only the body can heal and that all of this is controlled by the nervous system. Chiropractors do one thing only! We make sure there is 100% nervous system communication so the body can heal itself.
We need to end the medical prejudice in this country so people will get the care they need.

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