Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kids need Chiropractic

Every parent is concerned with the proper development of their children.  From conception the first part of the child to form is the nervous system. The nervous system is what guides the proper development of the fetus and the child.  Any disruption or interference in the proper nervous system communication and flow will cause a change in development.  The spinal column is a bony structure responsible for protecting the nerves that come from the brain and go out to every part of the body to guide and control development.  The Child's spine is subject to damage starting from inside the womb and is under constant assault once the child is born from the normal every day wear and tear of being lifted and handled.  Slowly the spine becomes damaged and nerves become compromised.  Once compromised the proper development is altered. Your child needs to have their spine checked regularly (every 2 - 3 weeks) to ensure the nerves are free to allow proper development.  Only a Chiropractor is trained to detect and correct these spinal irritations.

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