Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stop the Insanity

I had a new patient come in with Vertigo (Dizziness) for 20 years. The Medical Doctors have been unable to help her beyond temporary relief. She comes to me and I find many Vertebral subluxations that I believe are responsible for her problem. I see many cases of vertigo every year and help almost all of them. She begins care and consults her Medical Doctor. He tells her to stop Chiropractic care and try some more medical ideas first... WHY IF AFTER 20YRS OF MEDICAL FAILURE SHE WOULD THINK THAT HER MEDICAL DOCTOR WOULD HAVE ANYTHING THAT WOULD ACTUALLY HELP??????
People need to realize that Medicine is extremely limited in its ability to help people. I respect medical doctors and they are good for crisis intervention and repairing things surgically.  However most of what goes on in medicine is nothing more than drugging the patient to cover up the symptom. 
The body heals itself and can do so if and only when the nervous system is communicating freely with the body. 
Chiropractors are the ONLY Doctors trained to find and correct the spinal damages that interfere with the body's ability to heal. DON'T ASK A MEDICAL DOCTOR IF CHIROPRACTOR IS RIGHT FOR YOU!
I have seen too many people suffer  needlessly because they let their doctor talk them out of Chiropractic care. The saddest part is that the medical doctor usually has no understanding of what Chiropractic is or how it works. Medicine wants to control society. They have tried to crush any form of healing that challenges them. Medicine has failed us as a society and people are seeking care that works and that honors the body's own ability to heal.

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