Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Failed back surgery syndrome

Have you had a spinal related surgery and still have pain? Don't lose hope your not alone and help is available. Spinal surgeries in general have a horrible success rate. The reason why is because it's very hard for medical professionals to determine the actual cause of the pain. MRI is the chief test surgeons use to determine what to cut on once their physical exam indicates the possible "medical" need for surgical intervention.  The problem with MRI is two fold. 1. MRI's don't demonstrate function or pain and 2. Medical radiology doesn't know how to read an MRI the way a Chiropractor does. In my experience, most spinal surgeries are unneeded  but people get them because they are in severe pain and will do whatever their medical doctor tells them. Also, most medical professionals will not refer to Chiropractors for financial reasons. Our unique approach allows us to achieve relief for 90% or more of failed back surgery cases. 972-722-0054

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